Com210 Final Video Story

Com210 Storyboard 1

For my final video I chose to express why I love soccer. Majority of the reason for why I love soccer is the friends and family around me. With this in mind I chose to interview three of my fraternity brothers whom I know has an extensive soccer background. Keaton Gray, Sammy Vetter, and David Stoecker were my worthy candidates for this project. In my video I wanted to only use the audio from the interviews. Replacing the visual from me filming the interviews with soccer clips of each of them, but firstly introducing each interviewee with a ten second clip of them holding the soccer ball and then a their name appearing on the screen. I found this fitting because it allows the viewer to become more emotionally attached to the people in the video because they actually know who they are looking at. To keep the story aspect of the project going I filmed a clip of me doing a Rainbow and then a backflip while I’m giving my interview. My interview is very important because it is the only audio expression I have in the film pertaining to me personally loving soccer. Next, I wanted to add in raw video clips of my friends and I playing soccer, because after all, they are the reasoning for my love of soccer. Introducing these videos I had a black background with the words, “These are the moments why I love soccer,” to bring in the next videos. The song that I used for the background music during this was an alternative rock song with a steady upbeat pace; Finally, the last clip that I had was originally supposed to be a clip of me shooting a penalty kick, but what happened was thirty times more exciting. The series of events that occurred without the soccer ball touching the ground was shocking. Which is why I chose to have that as my last clip, to leave the viewer happy.













Rough Draft Video

A message I want to make clear about my rough draft is that ONLY the audio from the interviews will be used. In place of the visual for my final project I will have various soccer clips of the people I interviewed as well as myself. As for the opening scene made in the second tutorial due last week, with the words “Leadership, Team Work, and Fitness” all appear in the visual from left to right about four seconds apart. In the background visual, I am passing the soccer ball around with Evan and Nick. I believe that the slow appearance of the visuals combined with the consistent action in the background creates an appealing thirty seconds to drag the listeners in. I wanted to take the same four questions that were soccer related and compare the different responses to the questions. Firstly, I wanted the listeners to learn a little about the person I was interviewing, so my lead-off question was asking about the interviewee’s background. Secondly, in order for the interview to be interesting something different and unique has to come up, which amounted to my second question wondering what the interviewee’s greatest soccer highlight was. Then, I asked the interviewee’s about the specific position they played and what responsibilities that the position had on the soccer field. Finally, I needed to pull on some heart strings in some way to add an emotional factor. Which led to my final question simply being, “Why do you love soccer,” that the interviewee’s would respond with how soccer has been there gateway to relieve stress, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying themselves. I decided to name my video, “Soccer Connects,” after the connections the sport of soccer allows people to make. Such as having a casual pick-up game and making a few friends from it, or for others, as is for my Father and I, soccer is a way of connecting on a deeper level.