Final Blog Post

Throughout the entirety of Com 210 Multimedia Content Creation, the students were able to dip their toes into many different facets of media. From Photoshop to cutting and altering audio, I now have a broader range of knowledge when it comes to my Advertising major. My personal favorite project was creating a logo to successfully represent our overall message. The process that went into constructing a logo allowed for almost anything to be created. Diversity and uniqueness is something that is imperative when making a logo, and the overall process kept my interest the entire time. A logo is a small detail of a company, but it also is the part that their entire demographic will come to recognize the company as. Once I reach the career waiting for me as an Advertising Sales Director, the responsibility and trust that other businesses will instill in me with successfully and intricately making their logo a staple to the public will be my favorite aspect of the job. I strongly believe that all skills learned in the class will be used in my future. Advertising entails every aspect of media. Imagine compiling a 30 second commercial for Reebok; every single piece of knowledge obtained in this class will be put to use. The audio portion so the message is heard, the visual part so the message is seen, touching up and making sure the visuals are of highest quality, and finally the Reebok logo and slogan to slide in at the end of the commercial. All facets of this class are useful pertaining to the direction I want to follow in life. The course has only reaffirmed the career path desired for me. As I said at the beginning of this post, the students were only able to dip their toes into each portion of the class. I do not wish to learn more skills in this course, but rather to further advance my small amount of knowledge in each segment. I found the websites and resources provided by the class fitting enough for the tasks that were at hand.


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