Nik Gray’s Draft Audio Story

For the background of my Audio Story about the path I plan on traveling in life is a track from soundcloud:


My reasoning behind choosing a story to tell about my life is important because if my overall project is “About Me,” then learning my background and intentional future is imperative. Delving into the past of my family that has not necessarily brought me memories of positivity and happiness. Granted, it was not all bad. The good times that I have had with my family give me hope for happiness in my future family. Which is my overall direction in life. Obviously entailing a lucrative career that I enjoy going to work every day. While making my audio story there were major parts that I had to cut out due to stuttering or fumbling over my words. There are still instances in my story where I do stutter, but that’s just what I do sometimes. I chose the background music because it involved a slow steady rhythm that complimented my voice well. Plus, the bell at the end of the story at 2:09 is possibly my favorite touch to the story. I chose to fade out the last three seconds of the background music after my voice cuts out. Lowering the decibel level of the soundcloud track was also a decent edition as well. This project helped me become more aware of the large potential of Audition. Mixing together the sounds and the ability to erase mistakes simply by cutting out a section and then grouping together the two tracks allows the chance of creating perfection in sound. I feel that the class of com 210 is the starting line for the long journey ahead of myself towards becoming an advertising director; inevitably fulfilling My Story.


4 thoughts on “Nik Gray’s Draft Audio Story

  1. Hey Nikolas! So I’m in your group for critiquing audio stories in 210. First, I wanted to say that you have a really good topic that I found really interesting to listen to. You made this personal and clear which is awesome! Also, your speaking was clear and only had very minor slip ups which I don’t think are too big a deal.
    I think you had good use of sound effects and all but because the story starts a little sad I would change the music to something more serious or slow. Especially when you are talking about the difference between you and your step dad, I feel you need a different background choice. Then, as you get more positive into the story, you can slowly change it to a more positive beat. I liked how you talked about things on a deeper level, but the sentence about going into advertising didn’t seem necessary unless you want to further explain it more in detail but because it isn’t too relevant to the topic I would say to maybe not use it?
    Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Nikolas,
    I liked your intro, it interested me right away. The background music is nice, its not too loud or too quiet. The first part sounds interesting. I like the metaphors you use, it almost feels like I’m hearing somebody read something from a book with the descriptive words you use.

    You speak very clearly, and it is easy to understand what you say. You didn’t really have too many filler words so I think you did a good job on that part. I like the whole “happiness” part in your story. The music was nice but it sounds really upbeat and happy even though sometimes your story isn’t all that happy. It goes well when you talk about sunshine, and happiness, and vitamin D, but at the beginning maybe you could do something a little different then transition into your upbeat background music.

  3. Hi Nikolas,
    I thought your topic was very interesting and the introduction definitely grabs your attention. I also liked the music you used in the background, it fit well with the end of your interview.
    The only suggestion I have is to maybe make the music a little quieter when your talking. There are times when the background noises are almost louder than your voice. Besides that, I thought your interview was really good.

  4. The background music was good, and the volume was appropriate, but it didn’t seem to flow with the story at all. I’m not sure exactly how to pick the music to fit the story, but it seemed to contrast more than some of the other stories I’ve listened to. I think we are supposed to use someone else in our story, so I would encourage you to find somewhere to incorporate the second interview that you did for the first part of this assignment. I don’t want to say it wasn’t a story, but it seemed more like a narrative on your life, the way I understood the assignment, it would be better to pick a specific instance from the narrative and expand on that to make it more of a story. I didn’t hear any noticeable transitions, so that really helped the overall flow of your piece, good work on the editing!

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