Finished Logo

I believe that simplicity is the key to efficiency and success. Even as a baby I was known by family as an “old soul,” based off of my demeanor I carried that resembled an old wise man. In relation to the logo that I chose for my About Me, triangles are the most powerful, structurally sound, and simple shapes there are in the world.  They are three points with three lines that meet, forming a tripod that is the most stable and reliable stance there is, but also extremely simple. This logo describes my personality perfectly. I am a simple man, I am straightforward and to the point; or as others would say, very “black and white.” Lack of color represents my black and white outlook upon life. It is straightforward and makes communication with others easier because there is no confusion with complexity. The layering of triangles is used to embody my endeavor for the obtainment of knowledge on a deeper level. Even though I am a simple man, does not mean I am a shallow man. Majority of my time is spent analyzing others actions and remarks and picking them a part to understand why the person said what they said or did what they did. I am a deep, powerful thinker and I believe that the logo of the black and white triangles layering each other is the best way to express myself in the form of a logo. At the focal point of the logo lies my initials, “NDG,” because as this project implies, it is about me. Beneath the logo I chose to insert a small phrase, because I believe almost every logo needs a hook or a phrase to drag people in, and that slogan is, “The power of simplicity.” Which comes back full circle to connect with the logo itself. Since triangles are the most powerful and structurally-sound shape, but at the same time only being three points and three lines the slogan fits the logo and myself absolutely perfectly. For the background I believe that my logo needed more color to add to the flare factor. I chose to add a navy to orange gradient at 135 degree angle, and then another gradient from navy to orange to contrast, yet compliment the initial gradient.




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