Collage Rough Draft

Collage  Rough Draft

The Collage Rough Draft is extremely raw. I believe that taking the time to play around with the filtering options for each picture to find the best fit. The only effects that I have taken place with starts on the picture of me in my high school football uniform. I removed the background of the original picture so that it seems like I am just floating in the background. Also, my reasoning for choosing this picture is because it expresses my career in sports. I have played baseball, basketball, I have wrestled, and the sport closest to my heart, football. This singular picture represents the encompassment of all of my athletics in my life story. On the bottom left of the collage I have the first picture of me with and my fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, from the 2012 Bid Day Run. Through my journey with Lambda Chi Alpha I have discovered what it truly means to be a gentleman and how to be a successful along with respectable man. I have found my best friends and truly brothers since joining Lambda Chi Alpha. The bond that I have with my brothers is eternal and the first picture I have with my brothers is a monumental moment in my life, which is why I chose to include this picture in my life’s collage. Both of the pictures on the right of the screen include myself along with my sister (top) and brother (bottom). Logan, my brother, is my rock in life. No matter what I know he will always be there for me and I will do the same for him. Makenzie, my sister, is the flare and charismatic part of my life. She has one of the biggest and friendliest personalities I have met and I don’t know where I would be without her. Family is a major part of my life which is why included a picture of both my brother and sister in my life’s collage.



4 thoughts on “Collage Rough Draft

  1. Hey Nikolas, I am in your group for the critiquing part of this assignment. I would like to start off by saying that you did a good job in finding photos that relate to your story. After reading the information you provided it was easy to tell which photos corresponded with the information. Along with that I am not sure if you did this on purpose on not but the lighting and colors of most of you photos stand out and are really clear. This allows for the collage to give a positive vibe that I think complements your story.
    I know in the information you stated that the pictures and collage are completely raw but I am going to input some advice to help you on your way to your final collage. First, what I think would look pretty neat for your final collage would be if you had the rock/canyon as the complete background of your collage and then adding the rest of the photos on top of it with borders. Second, if you are going to keep the formatting as it is the top right photos lighting and color are very dark and different from the other ones. I know you mentioned that you haven’t messed with the pictures yet but if you messed around with that I think it would complement your overall collage nicely. That’s it for the critiquing, overall you did a good job and I am interested in seeing what your final project is going to look like.

  2. Hi Nikolas,
    Good job with our collage. I like how most of your images are really clear and crisp high quality pictures. I like the idea of you cropping yourself in your football picture but maybe you could do it a little more cleanly so it blends in more with the background. You could also soften the edges on the corners of your pictures so there isn’t such a sharp contrast between them. I can tell from your collage that your family and fraternity are important to you along with football. I am also not sure of the meaning of the background picture and was wondering if it was a picture you took while traveling? If not the critique page says we should remind you to cite any pictures you didn’t take, so this is just a friendly reminder. If you did take it, you can disregard this comment.

  3. Hi Nik!
    I really like all of the pictures that you included in your collage. I think that they’re a great representation of your life! It’s easy to tell by looking at it what you value. However, I don’t think that the background picture is likely to be one that you took, and in that case it’s really important that you explain that and make a citation for it. In addition, I think you should explain why you chose that as your background, because in comparison with the rest of your pictures it doesn’t really fit.
    I think that one of the things you could work on a little bit is the picture of you playing football. I think that you should soften the edges a bit more and in general just clean it up….but I love the idea! Also, another thing that you could potentially improve on is the placement of the pictures you included. I think that if you moved them around the general flow of the collage could improve a lot.

  4. Hey so I’m a part of your group for Com 210.
    Just wanted to say that I love the collage and the creativity of it all, especially the background image. Your story also was told well and kept me interested. This was obviously an easy story to tell!
    However, I think that first, you should consider fixing the background of you in the football uniform (I am thinking that is you?) There are blur tools and other options (discussed in the tutorials) to fix the issue of the other background that is part of the image. Also, the layout of the other three photos are a little random…I would have the images laid out in a specific format and also blur the edges or have borders that stick out more, because right now they seem to lose focus from the main image. Lastly, I would brighten the images a little (especially the one on the top right) just to make the images a little more appealing.

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