Good Times


Bid Day Run


This photo of the men of Lambda Chi Alpha depicts my love for my fraternity. All of the characters in this photograph have played a major role in shaping me into the gentleman that I am today. These men represent a foundation, a backbone as some may say, that I thrive off of; the craziness, the plethora of personalities, and the unity of perfect brotherly love is what I see in this photo. Good times is a saying that my father always says to me, and this picture of my entire fraternity in front of our house definitely represents good times.



Sun Cove

Every person has that best friend that will stand firmly beside them through thick and thin, and for myself, that man is Mark Woods (behind myself in the canoe). This vacation trip that we went on three years ago represents the bonding and shaping of our friendship into an eternal bond. No matter what I know that this man will always have my back. The friendship that we have can weather any storm, climb any mountain, and canoe across any river. Have you ever heard of people speaking without physically speaking? Well, Mark and I have perfected this art, all we need is one look and we can completely understand what the other is thinking. If I am going to explain my life, Mark Woods needs to be included.



Nana and Papa are the people that have raised me since my childhood. Baseball, football, and poker are the three things that my grandparents have taught me throughout my life to create the gentleman I am today. These people shaped me from the blank slate I was when I was born, they nurtured and raised me. Baseball in the yard will always be a memory that I will cherish with my Papa. Graduating and going through to college on my way to a career is my way of saying thank you to my Nana and Papa for raising me. 


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