Nikolas Gray’s About Me

In my blog for COM 210, I will be posting certain topics, issues, pictures, and anything else about my topic, which is “About Me”. Homework assignments, random ideas, and projects will be written about in my blog that are relevant to this class. I hope to finally understand how to use blogs and certain systems such as Photoshop throughout this class. Knowledge of how to use and perfect specific technologies is my main goal throughout this class. Up till now, I have been the complete opposite of technologically advanced, in fact, technology has been my worst enemy. However, taking this class will help to be able to comprehend and use technology.

Throughout my life I have been extremely interested in anything involving sports. I am now eighteen years old, and I have played sports for fifteen of them. Starting off with the classic T-ball, I worked my way up to winning the state championship my junior year in high school, playing Left Field. However, my love for baseball has also been shared with football. Since second grade I have played football. Working out in the off-season, practicing during summer, and working my way to under the Friday night lights as a corner-back, punt returner, and kick returner. Another hobby of mine has been hiking. I love the crisp smell of the wilderness along with the sheer beauty of nature. Especially when everything is blanketed in snow, then the sunlight shimmers, reflecting off of the nature.

I wish to use my creative side of myself and to become an advertising director. I get tired of watching the same old car commercials, or seeing the same product placement; I will change that. Thinking differently is what I’ve been blessed with, and I plan on using my gift to advertise. However, if this does not work out, then I plan on becoming a football or baseball coach.


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